I’m Wendy And I Stand For

  1. I’m against letting accused out of over crowded jails and pursuming innocence is a pussy way out. We should support our police and just go with what they say. Sean Delahanty a Judge In Louisville is thinking too hard when the police already thought it out when they arrested the bad doers.
  2. Yellow starburst suck almost as much as Japs who attacked Pearl Harbor. We should have a hunger games with them.
  3. No one may have guns…I will take all of your guns.
  4. Psychiatric medicine is Zeno controlling our earth attached alien spirits
  5. We must make Jurassic Park real, so we can kill them again and get oil.  Drill baby Drill
  6. I’m against Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.  I believe we should have mandatory abortions unless the mother rolls a double 6 on the day of birth.
  7. Its time the USA put a man on the moon…since the first was fake.
  8. I’m for Medicare for all, if we end Medicare. Old people are supposed to die. Its God’s will.
    1. When an older person moves into a nursing home it’s generally due to a decline in their health. They may have physical or mental disabilities due to frailty or chronic disease, limited support from caregivers, or an increased dependence on others in activities of daily living. Personal feelings of security and changes in financial situation may also contribute to this decision.

      People in nursing homes live a mean time of 2.8 years. As this will be their final home, many people see nursing homes as “God’s waiting room”. Instead, we should be supporting nursing home staff to enable the residents and their families to enjoy that time.

      Our health, aged care and legal systems reflect society’s preoccupation with providing a nursing home that is safe. It is a place where we “care for” older people and keep them from any harm.

  9. Freedom of Religion – people must be allowed to worship Jesus Christ any way they wish.
  10. Taco Tuesdays
  11. Homosexuals should be forced to marry a women and try it out, before they can marry each other.
  12. Abolish the FED and Banking returning to a barter system.

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